Southern California Area League


Judging Class

Holiday Skate Center, Orange, CA

Learn about judging, and prepare for your #1 commission or C commission. The #1 commission allows you to judge tests. The C commission allows you to judge local contests. The first class provides an overview and will introduce figure judging. The cost is $10. Sign up on the bulletin board or just show up to the first class. Teachers are Patricia Bauler and Marian Smith.

Class #1 - Thurs Nov 15 6:45 PM at Holiday Skate Center. This class will cover figures.

Figure Documents
Figure Tech Manuals
Figure 105
USARS 2012 Figure Rule Book
USARS 2013 Figure Rule Book (New)

Dance Documents
USARS Dance Descriptions & Diagrams - 2013
RSA International Dance Diagrams-Horizontal
RSA_International Dance Diagrams-Vertical
USAC_International Dance Skating-Horizontal
USAC_International Dance Skating-Vertical

RSA Documents
RSA Booklet12.04.08
RSA OLD Requirements
RSA Test Requirements (New)

Other Documents
USARS 2012 Bylaws
USARS 2012 General Rules

175 North Wayfield Street, Orange CA (Driving Directions)
(714) 997-5283