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Sample Budgets

Contests make money! We need contests, and rink owners expect to make a fair profit for having them. This can help you plan.

Winter Games, Spring Games, Summer Games and Fall Games

Pricing: $10 first event, $5 subsequent events.
Look at the Past Contests to see how many entries we have gotten in the past.
In the 2017 Fall Games, there were 45 entries. Judges and the Tabulator/Registrar steeply discount prices for this type of event. These are non-USARS events, so there is no need for a Sanction.

Sample Budget

$315 (from 45 entries)

$30 Judges ($10 each for 3 judges)
$30 Tabulator/Registrar on-site
---Net Profit---

Dance and Figure Contest

Pricing: $15 first event, $15 subsequent events.
Look at the Past Contests to see how many entries we have gotten in the past.

Sample Budget

$2,925 (from 197 entries)

$300 USARS Sanction (about 10% of the gross)
$323 Judges (about 11% of the gross)
$100 Meet Director (about 3.5% of the gross)
$210 Tabulator/Registrar on-site (about 7% of the gross)
$933 Total Expenses (about 32% of the gross)
---Net Profit---
$1,992 (about 68% of the gross)

The USARS Sanction is $150 for a contest, or $300 if you include the beginner events. For this contest, that was 10% of the gross.

Planning a Successful Contest

As a reminder, you will need to fill out the Sanction form from USARS, and pay their fee in advance. The form is DUE at USARS at least 30 days before the contest begins. The Meet Director is responsible for this. Note: there is a huge late fee of $150. This is extremely important!

Here is the form. I downloaded it from USARS.

The cost is $150 for a regular contest, or $300 if you are including the "Special" (Beginner) events, which don't require an Amateur card. There are no extra fees for USARS. (There used to be a fee after the contest, that has been eliminated.)

Please let me know who will be your "Meet Director". This person must have taken the class from USARS and hold the credentials. I am directed to list this person on the Web site for your event.

I can be both the Registrar and the Tabulator for the contest. I run the web site, accept all the entries, and create the schedule for events, and judges. You have the option to choose a different Tabulator, in which case that person will get $50 to $75, and my fee will be reduced by the same amount.

The Meet Director needs to contact the Judges for the contest, and tell me who they will be. I can give you a list of contact information for all the judges. The Meet Director makes all decisions as to running the contest, including the Schedule. I will produce a proposed Event Schedule, and a proposed Judging Schedule, then the Meet Director can instruct me on any needed changes.

I can bring Medals to the contest. Rene Johnson owns the medals, and charges $1.25 for each one. We will use a yellow highlighter on the Awards forms for each medal, then payment is due at the end of the contest. Rene prefers that you give the payment to me, and I can pay her. Alternatively, you may mail her a check.

I can also help you determine how much to pay the judges. I can make a report from my system which helps you pay the judges fairly. These are suggested amounts. There are other considerations too which may reduce the amount to pay. For example, I helped judge, but did not get any compensation for judging. For a full-day judge, the suggested amount is $75 in general.

The "Schedule" web page tells you how many Medals will be needed. The "Entries" web page shows all entries, and has totals at the bottom for number of skaters, events, entries and rinks.

I look forward to working with you on this contest. My scal-sk8 email is the best email address for me for SCAL business. You may also text or call me at 714-309-7362.

Victor Reinhart
SCAL Registrar