Southern California Area League


Sun Jan 22, 2017 Dance, Figure, Creative, Precision and Fours Contest

Stardust Skating Center, San Bernardino CA

The draw for Novice B Figures should be 112A (not 112B).
Preliminary Schedule
Meet Director: Richard Baltierra
Sanction 17-112
Entry Form - Dance & Figures RTF
Entry Form - Freestyle RTF
Note my new FAX number: 714-503-6474.
Note my new Email address:
Updated Draw as of January 13, 2017
Super Tot           2
Primary              2
Juvenile C         112B
Juvenile B          7A
Juvenile A         11
Elementary C     112B
Elementary B     3
Elementary A     10
Fresh/Soph C     112B
Fresh/Soph B     8A
Fresh A Girls     32A
Soph A Women  23A
Fres/Soph A Men 22B
Novice B            112A   (Not 112B).
Novice A            7A
Classic A           19B
Esq/Masters       1
Veteran/Golden    2
Premier Gold       10
Premier Silver      2B
Jr WC                36A
World Class        36A

All Circle Loops   115A
All "A" Loops       15B
Advanced            31B

        SOLO DANCE:
Senior             Silhouette Fox Trio
Junior              Iceland Tango
Sophomore A   Viva Cha Cha
Freshman A     Imperial Waltz
Elementary A   Milonga Tango
Juvenile A       Southland Swing
Primary           Balanciaga
Classic A        Paso Doble
Premier Silver  Split Polka
Premier Gold    Do'Blay
Novice A         Milonga Tango
Esquire A        Valse Adante
Masters A       La Vista Cha Cha
Veterans A      Tara Tango
Golden A         Double Cross Waltz
Juv/Elem B     Rhythm Blues
Fresh/Soph B  Southland swing
Novice B         Denver Shuffle
Esquire B        Double cross Waltz
Juv/Elem C     Glide Waltz
Newcomer      100 Tango (running steps and cross over for corners)
Fres/Soph C   Denver Shuffle
Youth Int'l       Kliener Waltz
Elementary Int'l Karen Lee Tango
Junior WC        Terenzi Waltz
World Class     Argentine Tango

Juvenile A        Dutch Waltz
Juv/Elem B      Academy Blues
Elementary A   Carey Foxtrot
Freshman A     Joann Foxtrot
Fresh/Soph B   Chase Waltz
Fresh/Soph C   Swing Waltz
Sophomore A    Border Blues
Classic            Rocker Foxtrot
Novice A         Quickstep Boogie
Novice B         Denver Shuffle
Esquire A        Milonga Tango
Masters A       Quickstep Boogie
Veterans A      Balanciaga
Premier Silver  120 Waltz
Premier Gold    Carroll Swing
Junior WC       The Blues
World Class     Midnight Blues

Note: Please do not mail checks to the rink. Mail checks to:
Stardust Artistic Skating Team
c/o Elaine Jones
10568 Pendleton
Riverside, CA 92505
---Event Address---
Stardust Skating Center, 2167 North Lugo Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92404
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