Southern California Area League


Sun Apr 23, 2023 USARS Full Contest

Skating Plus, Ventura, CA

Note: All 3 Bronze Figure events skate at the beginning on Panel 1.
Preliminary Schedule
Invitation (revised April 4th)
Dance & Figures Entry Form (RTF)
Freestyle Entry Form (RTF)
You may use the numeric codes also on the entry forms, but I think the abbreviations are easier for you and for me.

Note: the Beginning Figure is 111A, not 11A as it says in the draw.

USARS Draw for Regionals and Nationals
Meet Director: Pam Grenier

Also on the draw, as in past years, the first figure/dance listed is for elimination. In the event of a finals, the 2nd listed figure/dance will be skated.
If you have any questions, please email Pam at SkatingPlus.

Skating Plus, 1720 Mesa Verde Avenue Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 644-2121
Driving Directions