Southern California Area League


Upload Music Using DropBox

Coaches Only

Q: How can I create a .mp3 file from my CD?
A: On Google, search for VLC Media Player, or click here.
Download and install it.
Follow the instructions to "rip" a CD to a .mp3 file.

Coaches, please click here to upload your music to Dropbox

Please name the file as follows: Skater Name-Event.mp3.

Only mp3 or wav file format please. Mp3 is best since the files are much smaller.

Example: VictorReinhart-NoviceFS.mp3

I will move the files to a folder for each rink. We have these folders:
Glendale CA
Grand Terrace
San Diego

Everyone with the password can view the music files in these folders.
Victor can share the folder, so you have update access.
Please email or text me if you want access to a folder.

I suggest all coaches get access to the folder for your rink. Why?
- You can see which files you already uploaded.
- You can make folders, for example a folder for the next contest
- You can rename your files.
- You can delete your files.

We prefer to get all the music uploaded before the day of the contest, but will accept music on-site.

Thank you!