Southern California Area League

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SCAL - Southern California Area League - Artistic Roller Skating

News: May 14: Posted a newer, detailed schedule for Regionals.
May 12: Posted the invitation and draw for the Victorville contest.
May 10: Posted the tentative schedule for Regionals.
May 9: Posted the results of the Fountain Valley contest.
Apr 30: For the AARS Mother’s Day meet at Fountain Valley next Sunday, you will need either a valid AARS amateur card ($45 can be purchased on the AARS website) or a $10 one day amateur card purchased the day of the contest.
Apr 24: We are running 5 minutes late. Reminder: All skaters please be in costume and ready to skate 1 hour before your event is scheduled!
Apr 24: Posted 2 Rollart links to the Grand Terrace contest page.
Apr 22: Please spread the word: Cal Skate has a few very large birthday parties tomorrow and we want to accommodate the figure skaters coming in for 5 PM practice, while getting the customers out of the building. If the figure skaters could arrive about 4:30 PM, the general manager will have a section in our long hallway reserved so they have a place to come in and sit down and get ready for figures. Anyone who is not involved in Figure Practice, if they could please wait until 5:15 to come in, it would help us greatly.
Apr 17: Posted the preliminary schedule for the Grand Terrace contest.
Apr 13: Posted the entry forms and invitation for the FV contest.
Apr 12: Posted the corrected draw, and skate codes for the FV May 8 Mother's Day contest. Posted the invitation for the Grand Terrace contest.

Upcoming Events:
May 8: AARS Mother's Day Contest at Fountain Valley
May 26-30 USARS Regionals at Citrus Heights, CA
Jun 12: 1/2 Day Beginner Contest at Victorville
July 2-15: USARS Nationals
July 22-28: AARS Nationals

-----SCAL Officers-----
President: Richard Baltierra (Glendale)
Vice President: Candice Heiden (Glendale)
Secretary: Alexa Schlackman (Orange)
Treasurer: Pam Grenier (Ventura)
Sgt. of Arms: Rene Johnson (Orange)
Registrar: Victor Reinhart (Orange)