Southern California Area League

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SCAL - Southern California Area League - Artistic Roller Skating

News: Nov 20: Posted the Entry Form for Creative Solo & Quartet for the Ventura contest.
Nov 17: Creative will also compete at the Ventura Freestyle contest.
Nov 16: Posted results of the Orange contest. Sent the invitation email for the Ventura contest.
Nov 14: the judging schedule is posted. The due date for entries for the Ventura contest has been changed to Nov 30.
Nov 11: Posted the judging schedule. Any skater who would like to try out for the TV show America's Got Talent call Olivia Stafford at 818-748-1222.
Nov 8: Posted the preliminary schedule. The draw is 37A for JWC figures, and 41A for WC figures.
Sep 9: Both leagues (Champs and SCAL) are combined into one (SCAL).
May 31: Congratulations to Patricia Bauler for passing the Gold Medal Test in American Team Dance!
Congratulations to Joyanne Barber for passing the Gold Medal Test in Freestyle!
Upcoming Events:
Dec 13 Freestyle & Creative at Ventura
Dec 20 "Winter Games" at Riverside (Nutcracker performance following Games)
Jan 10 Dance, Fig, Creative, Freestyle, Precision & Fours at San Bernardino
Feb 13,14 State Games at Orange
Mar 6 "Spring Games" at Victorville
Apr 10 Freestyle and Creative at Northridge
Jun 26-Jul 1 (approx) Regionals at Fresno
May 8 Full Contest at Fountain Valley
Jul 17-31 (approx) Nationals at Lincoln, Nebraska
Aug 28 "Summer Games" and possible year-end event at San Diego

-----SCAL Officers-----
President: Rene Johnson (Orange)
Vice President: Candice Heiden (Riverside)
Secretary: Lori Becker (Grand Terrace)
Treasurer: Pam Grenier (Ventura)
Sgt. of Arms: Gary Hauman (Bakersfield)
Registrar: Victor Reinhart (Orange)